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What Are Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a type of hormone therapy that uses hormones that are structurally identical to those produced naturally in the body. The following hormones are typically candidates for BHRT:

  1. Estrogens: BHRT can be used to replace the hormones estrogen and estradiol, which are produced by the ovaries and play a role in regulating the menstrual cycle, maintaining bone density, and promoting healthy skin and hair.
  2. Progesterone: BHRT can be used to replace the hormone progesterone, which is produced by the ovaries and helps regulate the menstrual cycle, maintain pregnancy, and promote healthy sleep.
  3. Testosterone: BHRT can be used to replace the hormone testosterone, which is produced by the testicles and plays a role in muscle strength, energy levels, and sexual function.
  4. Thyroid hormones: BHRT can be used to replace the hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4), which are produced by the thyroid gland and regulate metabolism.

Because your body can't tell whether the hormones came from your glands or the pharmacy, BHRT is arguably safer than synthetic hormone medications merely mimicking the function of these hormones.

In addition, there are many studies over the last 30 years that have shown BHRT as a safe and effective strategy for treating hormone imbalances – provided that appropriate hormone testing is used to individualize your dose to your specific needs.

In addition, because you're supplementing the natural hormone levels with the identical hormones, we are able to properly monitor hormone levels through standard lab tests measuring progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, cortisol and T3/T4 thyroid hormones.

Are You Suffering From Hormone Imbalances?

As we age, our hormones naturally decline – which can cause symptoms that are obviously hormonal while other symptoms may be falsely attributed to other causes.

Often, your doctor may not connect the dots of certain symptoms (like muscle pain, anxiety, insomnia or weight gain) with hormonal imbalances.

They may prescribe painkillers or antidepressants, or simply tell you to “eat better and work out more” when none of those recommendations will actually address the underlying issues.

They may also tell you “it’s just a sign of getting older”! While some physical wear and tear as we age is perfectly normal, hormonal imbalances can blindside you with a wide range of crippling symptoms and increase your risk for chronic illnesses down the road like cognitive decline, heart disease, depression and more.

Responsible BHRT practitioners excel at testing your hormone levels to better understand which symptoms might actually be hormone-related. This also allows them to give you a more customized dose to address your unique needs without "megadosing" your body with excess hormones that can create additional symptoms.

Depending on your situation, lab tests often involve a mix of blood, urine or saliva tests and you may get repeat-tested once you are on BHRT to be sure you are on the optimal dose. Here are some of the chronic symptoms that might be helped with BHRT:

  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Brain Fog
  • Depression
  • Muscle Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Rapid Heart Beat
  • Insomnia
  • Brittle Nails
  • Thinning Skin
  • Face Swelling or “Moon Face”
  • Numbness in Fingers or Toes
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Change in Orgasm
  • Weight Gain 
  • Hair Loss
  • Loss of Libido
  • Weight Gain In Places You Never Had Fat Before
  • Increased Belly Fat
  • Hot Flashes
  • General Lack of Interest in Life

BHRT vs Traditional HRT

BHRT and traditional HRT differ in the hormones that are used:

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses hormones that are structurally identical to those produced naturally in the body.

Traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) relies on synthetic hormones mimicking the naturally occurring hormones (for example, medroxyprogesterone also known as progestin) – these synthetic hormones aren't an identical match to the naturally occurring hormones.

How Is BHRT Administered?

Oral Delivery

The most common form of hormone delivery is oral tablets and capsules. These are taken daily and can be easily integrated into a patient’s routine.

This is one of the simplest forms of delivery and they come in standard doses (which you can find in any local pharmacy) or can be compounded to give you a more personalized dose depending on your needs.

In some cases, your BHRT practitioner may recommend other forms of delivery such as injections or creams if an individual requires larger doses or may have any absorption issues with oral medications.

Injections and Pellets

Another way to deliver hormone replacement is through injections or placing pellets under the skin, which are usually done every three months depending on what type of hormone is being administered.

Pellets administered under the arm or hip area bypass the digestive system which may be a better for people with severe digestive conditions.

The disadvantage with injections and pellets, especially for women, is that hormones are delivered all at once and can cause spikes or peaks, whereas daily oral medications and other forms are more gradually released which better mimic their natural cycle.

That said, finding the right form of BHRT delivery is a case-by-case consideration and many clients see excellent results with hormone pellet therapy.

Creams / Gels / Patches

Creams, gels and patches are another popular form of hormone delivery. These topical treatments allow for easy absorption through the skin and provide an accurate dosage each time they are applied.

Furthermore, they eliminate any potential risk associated with injections since there is no need for needles or syringes when administering these treatments.

The downside is that they may not always provide enough medication for those who need higher doses due to their lower potency levels compared to other forms of delivery such as injections or tablets/capsules.

It’s important to work with a qualified BHRT practitioner who can not only help with current symptoms and but also guide the correct dosing and delivery system such as pills, creams, patches or pellets.

Once we do the correct testing, we craft a precise BHRT plan so you can live an energized, confident life feeling and looking your best… especially if you feel unheard and literally don’t know what to do next.

Claim Your Free Phone Consultation

So if you’re ready to explore how to approach hormonal imbalances, then claim your free phone consultation with to help you map out an effective BHRT strategy based around…

  • Resetting your hormone levels
  • More effortless weight management
  • Reducing aches and pains
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Addressing mental wellness issues related to hormonal imbalances (like anxiety or depression)
  • Reducing overall symptoms and reclaiming your life

We’ll explore your desired treatment goals, we go over what’s expected and whether BHRT is right for you.

We offer these short phone consults for FREE so you can get more clarity & confidence and to understand if BHRT is right for you so that you can make an informed decision.

We believe you can't make new decisions without new information, so this phone consult is your chance for a personalized assessment.

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